All students will complete a professional internship that supplements their academic study at an appropriate institution or business to gain relevant, marketable experience. Internships allow students to explore their options while developing their networks, learning about specific fields, becoming familiar with various organizational management and leadership styles, and better understanding the experiences and different cultural contexts of other peoples in a globalized world. Students are strongly encouraged to perform their internships outside of their home country, especially if they intend to strengthen their foreign language proficiency to gain a vital edge for their future international careers.


Those participating in internships or traveling abroad post their thoughts and reflections on the student group blog SPIA ABROAD.

This year, SPIA students are interning at the following locations:

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Students have interned for a wide range of organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors across the globe, including:

– Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Washington, DC
– Cohen Group
Washington, DC
Washington, DC
 – Foreign Commercial Service, US Embassy
Santiago, Chile
 – Golden State Foods
Sydney, Australia
 – Ibn Khaldun Center
Cairo, Egypt
 – International Republican Institute
Washington, DC
 – Island Institute
Rockland, ME
 – Year Out India
Kochi, India
 – Mercy Corps
 – Montpellier SupAgro
Montpellier, France
 – Plan International USA
Washington, DC
 – Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Washington, DC
 – The Scalabrini Centre
Cape Town, South Africa
 – Seed Tree
Kathmandu, Nepal
 – Sonplas GmbH
Straubing, Germany
 – Su Espacio
Costa Rica
 – UN Global Compact
New York, NY

Reclaim Childhood (Amman, Jordan)

United Nations (New York, NY)

Impact Network (Katete, Zambia)

SeedTree (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Institute for Fisheries Resources (San Francisco, CA)

Filming documentary "Quinoa Soup" (Bolivia)

Dadaab Refugee Camps (Kenya)

The Cohen Group (Washington, DC)

Montpellier SupAgro (Montpellier, France)

Year Out India (Kochi, India)

Mercy Corps (Timor-Leste)

United Nations (New York, NY)

Ibn Khaldun Center (Cairo, Egypt)