Security and Foreign Policy Concentration

International Security and Foreign Policy (15-18 credits)
This concentration equips students with fundamental theoretical and analytical knowledge necessary for professional research, management, and policy positions in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. The concentration takes a multidisciplinary approach to international security and foreign policy, stressing analytical skills, research methods, threat assessment and mitigation, decision-making processes and organizational management, as well as many of the defining substantive security issues of the 21st century.

All students in this concentration will be required to take SPI 574 Conduct of US Foreign Policy as well as four to five additional courses at the 400 or higher level. In planning a program of study, please keep in mind that graduates need special permission from the Graduate School to use more than 6 credits at the 400 level towards a Masters degree.

SPI 574 – Conduct of Foreign Policy
This class examines the formulation and implementation of American foreign policy. Special focus will be placed on American Political culture; Presidential and congressional powers in foreign policy; government bureaucracies, such as the Departments of State, Defense and Treasury; and conceptual and theoretical approaches to policy making.

Pre-approved Electives (all 3 Credits unless noted).
To provide students with flexibility in course selection appropriate to their career goals, other courses can be substituted with approval from the SPIA graduate coordinator.

ANT 454 Cultures and Societies of the Middle East
ANT 458 Anthropology of War
ANT 461 Islamic Fundamentalism
ANT 464 Ecological Anthropology
ANT 465 Political Anthropology
ANT 466 Economic Anthropology
ANT 467 Peasant Studies
ANT 469 Theories of Religion
ANT 470 Religion and Politics
ANT 491 Intercultural Understanding
ECO 443 Introduction to Modern Economic Growth
ECO 449 International Trade
ECO 511 Macroeconomic Theory
ECO 581 Sustainable Resource Systems and Public Policy
ECO 590 Advanced Topics: Game Theory (2 Credits)
ECO 599 Special Topics: Energy Policy
ECO 599 Special Topics: Global Warming Policy
HTY 405 Early Modern Europe: Renaissance, Reformation and the Foundation of the Modern World-System
HTY 408 19th Century Europe, 1815-1914
HTY 409 Twentieth Century Europe I, 1914-1945
HTY 410 20th Century Europe II, Since 1945
HTY 473 History of U.S. Foreign Relations I
HTY 474 History of U.S. Foreign Relations II
HTY 501 History of U.S. Foreign Relations
HTY 521 Canada and the United States, 1783 to the Present
HTY 607 Seminar in American Foreign Relations
POS 476 Seminar in World Politics
POS 596 Directed Research in Political Science
SPI 573 Global Politics
SPI 590 The U.S. Intelligence Community and National Security
SPI 590 Special Topics: Directed Reading in US Foreign Policy
SPI 590 Special Topics: Directed Reading in Security Studies and Conflict