Trade and Commerce Concentration

International Trade and Commerce (18 credits)

This specialization prepares students for international business careers with a policy emphasis, while adding a substantial understanding of the effects of international business on development, the environment, and social conditions in recipient countries. Students will study the economics of international trade and finance, the cultural and political as well as economic factors that shape international business behavior, the specific effects of international business activity on growth, wealth distribution, the environment, labor conditions, and politics, the interaction of business and government in developed and developing countries, and the specific ways by which international business might be influenced or regulated to achieve goals beyond profit.

All students in this concentration will be required to take 18 credits at the 400 or higher level from the list below. A maximum of 15 BUA credits may be taken.  Several BUA courses have a prerequisite requirement – students enrolling in these courses will need to successfully complete the prerequisite requirement.

BUA 445 – International Management
BUA 455 – International Corporate Finance
BUA 620 – Law, Business and Society
BUA 630 – Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
BUA 639 – Contemporary Issues in International Business
BUA 645 – Selected Advanced Topics in Business Administration
BUA 651 – Financial Management
BUA 652 – Management of Financial Institutions
BUA 668 – Electronic Commerce

ECO 449 – International Trade
ECO 511 – Macroeconomic Theory
ECO 524 – Advanced International Finance
ECO 525 – Advanced Topics in Economic Development
ECO 533 – Economics of Human Capital
ECO 545 – Advanced Regional Economics
ECO 597 – Independent Studies