Graduate Program Learning Outcomes

– Graduates will be able to evaluate and critique the major trends, debates, and forces that shape international relations and the process of economic and political integration, while describing how these contributions intersect with policy management in their chosen field of expertise. (GSLG 1, 2 and 3)

– Graduates will be able to devise and execute policy-oriented research utilizing appropriate methods and tools and formulate recommendations to address practical global problems. (GSLG 1 and 3)

– Graduates will be able to communicate effectively through written essays and briefing memos, data visualization, and oral presentations to diverse stakeholders and specific purposes. (GSLG 1 and 2)

– Graduates will be able to demonstrate responsible and ethical decision-making skills. They will examine their own values and respectfully engage with how different perspectives and value systems might be applied to address complex global problems. (GSLG 3)

– Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of and respect for the range of public service work. They will act with a sense of purpose toward the public interest, environment, and global society. (GSLG 2)